Armies are crucial for survival in Wild Isle. They can be used to defend your base, or to attack other players.

Creating an ArmyEdit

If you click on Armies under the Military tab, you will see that there already is a "Defense" army created for you. However, this army cannot be used for attacking, and it is required that you create a new army if you wish to do the latter.

Adding CreaturesEdit

To add creatures to your army, you must first click on Creature Cloning under the Lab tab and clone the DNA samples of your choice (however, if you clone all of your samples, you will lose the DNA). Cloned creatures are then directly placed in your Defense army. To move them to an army you created, you must simply click on the Defense army to view the creatures placed there, enter the amount of creatures you desire to move and the army you wish to move them to, and click Move Creatures. You can also move creatures from your armies back to your Defense army this way. However, creatures in armies at an energy level under 100 cannot be moved.


As a new feature since Beta 6, a player is allowed to transfer creatures to another player once a day. Only one reinforcement is available to any single player. Reinforcements may not be made from one player to another if both of those players have logged on from the same IP address at any point.


Armies can be sent to graze near another player's base by clicking on a location on the map and moving your army there. This requires 100 turns, and remember that the army which you plan to graze must have full energy. After it is moved, the army's energy level will then drop to 0.


There are six different types of attacks available to you in Wild Isle. As of Beta 6, you are limited to 10 attacks on a single player within 24 hours. This includes all attack types except for the scout type.


This uses 15 turns, and is used to determine another player's defense at the moment of the scouting. Creatures with higher olfactory and tracking genes tend to be more successful for this type of attack.


This type of attack makes your creatures concentrate solely on killing the defender's defense, and uses 150 turns. Other types of attack will also kill an opposing player's creatures, but not as efficiently. For this reason this type of attack is best for your military score as well.


Destroying is used to bring down another player's buildings. More creatures are needed to destroy higher-level buildings. Creatures with higher clawing stats are the most effective for destroying. 250 turns are needed for one destroy attack.


There are three kinds of stealing attacks. Each of them require 50 turns.

  • Stealing DNA: By choosing this attack, you may retrieve samples of DNA that the player you attacked had in his freezer. This works best with creatures that have high stealth, intelligence, and communication genes. Only creatures with a Human genus may steal DNA. You cannot steal a player's DNA if they only have 1 sample of it in their freezer.
  • Stealing Crop: This attack allows you to steal a defender's crop. The amount you get depends on the number of creatures you use and the total amount the defender had before the steal.
  • Stealing Cash: This attack permit you to steal a defender's cash. You are able to steal $10,000 per creature in the stealing army, but the total amount of cash you can steal cannot exceed 10% of the defenders' total wealth.

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