Buildings are one of the key components of Wild Isle, and are responsible for your economy score. Buildings can be created by clicking on an available spot within 50 square miles of your HQ and selecting which specific building you want to create. The more of one type of building you have, the more money it will cost to make the next one.


The HQ is the most important building. It is home to the freezer, where DNA is contained. By upgrading the HQ, more freezer slots become available. The HQ cannot be upgraded above level 40.


The mixer is where DNA can be mixed. Upgrading the mixer allows you to mix higher complexity DNA. Like the HQ, its max upgrade level is 40.


Replicators allow you to replicate DNA, and cannot be upgraded. The more replicators you have, the less turns are necessitated for replication, as defined by the following formula:

  • number of turns to replicate = complexity of the DNA/(1 + number of replicators)


Cloners are used to grow creatures from your replicated DNA, and, like replicators, cannot be upgraded either. You cannot clone more DNA than you have replications of, and cloning the exact amount of DNA you have available will cause you to lose that DNA. Like replicators, the more cloners you own, the less turns are needed to clone creatures, as shown by this formula:

  • number of turns to clone = (complexity of the DNA + size of the DNA)/(1 + number of cloners)


Farms are needed to expand your maximum supportable crop consumption, which limits the amount of creatures you can have. In addition to this, the more farms you have, the more crop you will be able to harvest per turn. All farms can be upgraded to level 40.


Lasers enhance the defense bonus of buildings in their direct vicinity (one square away, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, with a total of eight squares). These can be upgraded to level 10. The defensive bonus reaches 200% at this level. This bonus combines with that of the defense tower as well other lasers around the target building.

Defense towerEdit

The defense tower can only be built once. Like the lasers, its purpose is to increase the defense bonus. However, it has a wider effect range - 10 square miles. It can be upgraded to level 9, at which level the defensive bonus reaches 350%. This bonus combines with that of lasers' around the target building.

Virus research labEdit

Like the defense tower, the virus research lab can only be built once, and cannot be upgraded more than up to level 10. It is used for the creation of viruses, which can be used to infect other players' creatures.

Bio-warfare centerEdit

With no upgrade available, the bio-warfare center's only purpose is to strengthen the viruses made at the lab by enhancing their potency and infectiousness.

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