Chat can be accessed in Wild Isle under the Players tab. There are three different kinds of chatrooms: public, cartel, and private.


This is the main area of chat

  • This is an interesting part of the game, in that to many newcomers it may not seem to be part of the game.
  • Chat operates like any chat room, with users identified by their player names.
  • A great deal of diplomacy is undertaken in chat, with constant bantering, even bickering, leading to feuds between players within the playable portion of the game.
  • Spying reports, new creatures, recent attacks, and much more are conveyed inside of chat.
  • This is an excellent place for newcomers to begin their playing, many players will offer advice and tutelage in the ways of the game.
  • The chat is regulated by mods, who are capable of banning players that are spamming or otherwise violating the chat rules.
  • This is where you can tell the latest off-color jokes to the stiff necked mods. They prolly won't get it anyway.


This chat room may only be accessed by members of a single cartel. This is most often used to coordinate attacks on other players, or discuss matters that need not be seen by the rest of players in the public chat.


Players can create private chatrooms to commmunicate only to a select amount of other people.

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