Every DNA in Wild Isle has a complexity value. Complexity affects the value of a DNA and affects how many turns are required to replicate and clone that DNA. Lower complexity means less turns.


When you want to get the creature you want higher in value you have to attack other creatures and then over every time you attack the value of the creature goes up. No DNA's value can exceed $999,999. This value is first reached at complexity 223. Any DNA with complexity above 223 will also have this value.

Complexity in MixingEdit

Complexity is affected by mixing. Any time two DNAs are mixed, their final, combined complexity will be greater than that of the two original complexities. If the two DNAs mixed share the same genus, the complexity will increase by 2. However, if they do not share the same genus, the complexity will be calculated as follows:

Complexity of DNA 1 + complexity of DNA 2 + 1 = final complexity

Therefore, it is to a mixer's advantage to mix DNAs of the same genus, as it is the best way to mix good low-complexity DNA.


To best take advantage of the complexity rules, "pyramiding" may be used. This allows the player to put more basic DNAs into a low complexity creature. Several low complexity creatures should be made with some of the desired traits, e.g. 4 5-complexity creatures, all of the same genus. These should have some unique traits with some overlapping traits to make mixing easier. Mix these together in pairs to give 2 7-complexity creatures, which may then be mixed together to give 1 9-complexity creature. By this method upwards of 10 basic creatures may be put into the single 9-complexity creature.

This is especially advantageous with the advent of viruses (more base DNAs in your creature makes it more difficult to be virused).

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