Game Credits, also known as GC, are special credits that can be acquired through donating money to the game. Donators allow the game to remain free for other players. However, free players may purchase game credits from donators using the GC market. They can be spent on GC Items, as listed below:

Adrenaline ShotsEdit

  • Cost: .25 GC
  • Description: Immediately restores the energy level of every army to 100%

Cease FireEdit

  • Cost: .50 GC
  • Description: Ceases incoming and outgoing fire for 24 hours.
  • Note: On April 18, 2008, the CF cost will be changed to .10 GC/hour and limited to twice the number of time elapsed since your last attack (for example, if you attacked a player 4 hours ago you will be able to buy up to 8 hours of CF).

Mixer Power BoostEdit

  • Cost: .25 GC
  • Description: Allows unlimited mixing for one hour by powering the mixer with plutonium

1,000 turnsEdit

  • Cost: .25 GC

2,500 turnsEdit

  • Cost: .50 GC

6,000 turnsEdit

  • Cost: 1.00 GC

Bio-Warfare centerEdit

  • Cost: .50 GC
  • Description: The bio-warfare center is not a GC Item but a building that allows players to strengthen viruses

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