Mixing is a feature unique to Wild Isle. By selecting two different DNAs in the mixer, a player is able to mix them to combine and increase the value of both DNA's genes in one, more complex DNA.

Properties of MixingEdit

Some genes are harder to mix than others (for example, it is impossible to get high olfactory and territorial genes in the same DNA). Mixing also causes complexity to increase. In mixing up to Beta 7, DNA gene values always increased and decreased within a specific range attributed to the base DNA from which it came, and no matter what the value when mixed, the range would remain the same.

Now however, the range a gene's value will experience when a DNA is mixed is wholly based on its starting value. A gene may not go lower than 50% of its starting value after one mix, nor can it cross the 125% mark.

The Mixing ProcessEdit

When two DNAs are mixed, they go through 21 different combinations of outcomes, and then cycle back though them again in a loop. Genes appear back and forth between the left and the right sides of the mixer, their value increasing and decreasing within a specific, attributed range (for example, a DNA with a venom stat that has a value of 78 when you first start mixing goes no lower than 39 and no higher than 98 while it is being mixed). The key to low-complexity mixing is finding when all the genes wanted all appear on their respective sides when mixing. The key to mixing high-complexity DNA like in the case of DNA used to sell on the Military Market is to mix together pieces of DNA with different genus (e.g. mixing a strand of DNA with Insect genus with a strand of DNA of the Large Mammal genus) this will result in a greater increase in complexity than the mixing of DNA of the same genus. It should also be noted that if you wish to save the DNA you must name it and then click save to freezer..


A DNA with a low complexity can be replicated and cloned without using many turns, while a DNA with a high complexity takes up many turns to replicate and clone, but can be sold to the military at a high price when its value is maxed.

Mixing a low complexity DNA requires the two DNAs being mixed to have the same genus. This is because when two DNAs of the same genus are mixed, the resulting complexity will be the complexity of the DNA with the higher complexity plus 2. (e.g.When you mix a complex of 5 insect with another one of the same or lower complexity, then there complex will be 7 insect.)

If you want a high complexity DNA mixed and you want to mix it fast, then two DNAs with different genus should be used. When two different genus are used, the resulting complexity will be the complexity of the two original DNAs plus 1. (e.g. If you mix a complex 5 insect with a complex 5 dinosaur it will be a complex of 11.)

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