To increase competitiveness, Wild Isle players are ranked based on the wealth, science, economy, and military points they acquire throughout the course of the game's current round. All four of these categories affect the overall score. The same rankings are also available for cartels.


Wealth points are equal to the amount of money you have. Because of this, this rank category is often unstable.

Scientist scoreEdit

Science points are acquired by replicating and cloning DNA. One replication is worth 5 science points, while one cloning is worth 15.

Economy scoreEdit

Economy scores are determined by the total worth of your buildings, meaning that the more money you invest in them, the more economy points you earn. This makes the Virus Research Lab and the Defense Tower crucial to economy, as they are the most expensive buildings to upgrade. A building's addition to a player's economy score is calculated as follows:

  • Economy points = 1/4 the base cost of the building * the level of the building

Military scoreEdit

Military points are acquired by killing an opponent's creatures. Attacking nature, other players, or getting attacked are the three ways of getting military points. It should also be noted that you earn more points by killing creatures that have higher HP (hit points). Creatures killed by viruses do not give out military points either. Military points are calculated as follows:

  • Points earned when defending = cumulative HP of the attacker's killed creatures
  • Points earned when attacking nature = cumulative HP of nature's killed creatures * 3
  • Points earned when attacking another player = cumulative HP of the defender's killed creatures * 5

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