Wild Isle is an online war-based MMORPG.It is also turn-based, which means you need turns to do anything. You can buy turns by using GC. You can GC by purchasing them from the GC market, or buy donating. Inside the great world of WI,you create creatures by mixing DNA!You may also sell DNA,replicate it,clone it,and much more stuff!And once you create creatures by cloning DNA,you can make armies,and attack other players,or you can get revenge with your friends,by teaming up and joining a cartel and co ordinating attacks!It also has a chat room!You may go inside whenever you wish,as long as you haven't been banned by an administrator or moderator.Now,to finish my statement about Wild Isle,I will say personally,I enjoy Wild Isle, and it is 100 times better if you donate.!Thanks for reading!~~WI Wiki Team~~

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